Differences in NYSC Discharge, Exemption and Exclusion Certificate/Letters

by Sanjo
Differences in NYSC Discharge, Exemption and Exclusion Certificate/Letters
NYSC issues three types of certificates. As a graduate of any higher institution of study, whether domestic or international, you are eligible for one of these national credentials in one way or another. Though this may be unfamiliar to many, the most common is the discharged certificate, usually provided to Corps members after their one-year obligatory service year.
The NYSC Discharge Certificate: is the formal document that the NYSC scheme prints and distributes to all “served” corps members. The term “served” refers to a graduate who enrolled for NYSC mobilisation, attended the three-week camping, and was assigned to a location where he had served for the previous 12 months.
Exemption Certificate: An exemption certificate is granted to someone who, by law, is not eligible to serve in the NYSC system despite having attended and graduated from a regular programme at a university or polytechnic. I said ‘by law,’ which refers to the next paragraph.
“In line with section 2 subsection (1) of the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993, it is required that;
“Effective August 1, 1985, no individual may be compelled to serve in the service corps if, at the time of graduation or acquiring his diploma or other professional qualification”:
He is above the age of thirty (30) years;
He has served in the Armed Forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for more than nine months; or
The Nigerian Security Organization;
The State Security Service
The National Intelligence Agency; o The Defense Intelligence Service.
He has been awarded National Honours.
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What Are The Procedures For Obtaining A Certificate Of Exemption From NYSC?
With the recently implemented online registration process for prospective Corps members, it has become much easier for an accepted graduate to enlist. All you need to do is register between the online registration period. Pay the registration cost, as with others, and provide the required information.
Rather than being assigned a call-up number after registration, you would get a notification that you have been granted permission to participate in the programme and that your exemption certificate will be forwarded to your school at a specific time. That is, you will get a certificate of exemption from your institution of graduation.
Exempted international students will acquire their exemption certificates at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the time specified.
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Letters of Exclusion from the NYSC:
Graduates of any university, polytechnic, or distance learning centre are issued exclusion letters if enrolled in a part-time, sandwich, or distance learning programme. It makes no difference whether you are above the 30 years exclusion age or not. If you did not complete a standard full-time course, you were issued an exclusion letter.
Graduates in this category must also register online for NYSC mobilisation. Additionally, they must pay the exclusion charge via the portal or a bank. When NYSC begins mobilising prospective corps members, their letters will be available online for printing. This letter will be printed in full colour from their NYSC dashboard to ensure authenticity and legitimacy.

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