Collection of NYSC Exemption Certificate Process

by Sanjo

For Graduates Trained in Home Institutions:

  1. The process initiates at the Corps Producing Institution where the graduate studied. The institution submits a comprehensive list of their graduates, along with Senate-approved results, to NYSC.
  2. NYSC processes a print-out which categorizes individuals either to be called up for service or exempted. This print-out is shared with the institutions for verification and correction. Once verified, the corrected document is returned to NYSC.
  3. Utilizing the verified print-out, NYSC generates Certificates of Exemption. These certificates are documented and sent back to the respective institutions for distribution to eligible recipients.
  4. It’s important to note that home trained graduates collect their Certificate of Exemption solely from their graduation institution, not from the NYSC office.

For Graduates Trained Abroad:

  1. The process commences with an evaluation of credentials, including the international passport, and other pertinent documents.
  2. Following credential evaluation, foreign trained graduates are registered in person at the NYSC directorate headquarters in Abuja. This registration determines whether an individual is exempted or required to participate in the service.
  3. Certificates of Exemption are created for those who are exempted from service. These certificates are to be collected at the NYSC directorate headquarters during the communicated timeframe.
  4. Notably, the Collection of Certificate of Exemption is organized into three batches corresponding to the service year, based on registration date. This information is communicated to exempted graduates during registration.
  5. Collection of the Certificate of Exemption requires presentation of proper identification, such as an international passport, and the recipient must be physically present.

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