Advantages of Arriving Early at NYSC Orientation Camp

by Sanjo
Advantages of Arriving Early at NYSC Orientation Camp

Arriving early would allow you to meet a large number of other Corps members who are also on their way to the same state of deployment. Their company can alleviate the burden of navigating this unfamiliar environment on your own
Next, arriving early will allow you to simply follow up with the steps required in completing your registrations, filling out documents, finding a suitable room, and settling in without much stress.
You also have the option of choosing a nice NYSC Khaki for yourself. If you come late to camp, you are more likely to be given oversize or extra-large NYSC kits that do not fit you.
Settling in early would allow you to accept your new surroundings and reduce some of the rookie looks on your face.
Arriving early will also allow you to easily join several important groups in the camp before it closes. These organizations include the Red Cross, the SDGs, OBS, and others.
How To Maximize Your Time At NYSC CAMP
You get the opportunity to meet certain NYSC camp authorities who can assist you be posted to the desired site of primary assignment while you are joining some essential groups in the camp. These are only possible if you arrive at camp early.
Travel to the state you were posted to as soon as possible to make your stay at NYSC orientation camp more pleasant. This is especially important for those who were deployed to a remote location. It is ideal if you arrive the day before the camps open, as arriving late would make things difficult for you.

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