The NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Process

by Sanjo
The NYSC Orientation Camp Registration Process

The following are the steps in the NYSC Orientation Camp registration process.
At the gate: You are to submit your self-reporting slip that you are requested to print on your dashboard. Please examine it well, since you must produce your “Call-up Letter” to NCDC officials before you can be allowed entry into the camp. They will also inspect your baggage and issue you a tag number if your camp administration chooses to employ that approach.
NCDC Test: You are tested and given a nose mask, and you must be cleared from this procedure after all of your baggage has been sterilised before entering the camp.
Bed Space/Hostel: Proceed from the entry gate to the second registration station, where you will be assigned a hostel and a bed space. If any, they would collect the tag number provided to you by the gate security officers and ask you to write your name. You would be assigned a sleeping space. After obtaining the necessary camp paperwork, find your sleeping area and deposit your stuff (at the owner’s responsibility) before proceeding to the next stage.
Verification: At this point, you must supply the originals of the following papers (of which you must have prepared about six photocopies): Call-up letter, result statement, green card, school identification card, and medical certificate of fitness. Proceed to biometrics after verification and confirmation.
Biometric Registration: At this point, they will take your thumbprint and compare it to the one you provided at the cyber café. Officials will cross-check your information; if everything matches, they will assign you to a platoon. You will also be handed a “Camp Corps Member Registration Slip” and a temporary I.D, as well as a certificate format, a performance report form, and a bio-data form. Locate a photocopy centre and make two photocopies of the slip, keeping the original for future use. Examine the final digit of your state code. It has a scale of 0 to 9. 0 represents platoon 10; 1 represents platoon 1; 2 represents platoon 2; 3 represents platoon 3…9 represents platoon 9.
Platoon: Each platoon will be routed to a separate area to congregate. Your platoon officer will be waiting for you. Locate your platoon using the camp corps member registration slip, Green Card, call up letter, statement of result, and NYSC Kits to get your file, meal ticket, and NYSC Kits.
Bank account opening: At this point, all PCMs must create a new bank account…
First parade: “Pam…papa pam…; pam papa pam…; pi…po…pi…pi…pam…papa paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Then you may look at the schedule, get used to the setting, and avoid the dull lectures.
Anyway, have fun; service is only done once.

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