Corp Members to Await Directives From NYSC Management Concerning Activities

by Sanjo

From the desk of the NYSC Lagos State Coordinator

My Dear Corps Member

Further to the recent scourge of COVID-19 within Lagos and Nigeria at large, I have deemed it absolutely necessary to communicate with you on a number of issues owing to the respective potential roles you will undertake in this Coronavirus Crisis.

Make no mistake by leaving your safe respective residents to risk your health and well-being by going to your PPA, this troubled moment is not the appropriate time for that, the safety and well-being of every corps member remains my utmost priority, .

In view of this, I am therefore instructing all Lagos State Corps Members to stay at home, and will ensure all PPA restrict any NYSC Corp Members from coming to work.

NYSC officials will be inspecting all companies registered as PPA
Any Corp Member found guilty of flouting this directive will be sanctioned with four (4) months Extension, affected corp member will face the disciplinary committee which may result to termination of his/her service

Adhere strictly to this to avoid being penalized

Thank you.

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In addition to that, Abex Consult want you to remain safe, you are not expected to resume duties in your PPA. Your May clearance will be automatically updated and your allawee will be duly paid.

NYSC will announce when the time comes, stay tuned… Take Responsibility

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