Punishments in NYSC

by Sanjo
Punishment in NYSC

Hearty congratulations to the 19B Ex-Corps Members who successfully passed out from this great scheme called NYSC. It is a stepping stone to the future that awaits them. While some dutifully served their Father land, others didn’t take the oath they swore so seriously
This post is to keep you updated on the happenings after the passing out of 2019 Batch B Stream 1 corps members. The NYSC scheme have laws and ethics by which they stand. There are laws guiding the Scheme and if flouted by any member, such person(s) would be tried by the Corps Disciplinary Committee and upon found guilty, punishment would be meted out accordingly. Also, there are some things you will do during your service year that would earn you award or recognition.
Read more on NYSC Bye-laws
Any member who is absent for continuous period of 3 months within the service year shall be considered to have absconded and shall be declared a wanted person. The person will have to repeat his or her service year.
National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) coordinator in Lagos, Eddy Megwa, says 68 corps members in the 2019 Stream I Batch B would have to repeat their service year in the state. with three corps members distinguishing themselves during the service year. The three would be receiving state merit awards for their outstanding performance in their service year.
Nine corps members in Nasarawa State are to repeat their service for absconding from their places of primary assignment, Mrs Ramatu Sanda.
Five corps members to repeat service year in Ondo State. Akpabio said the two categories of offenders committed violations, which included failure to report for service after documentation, absenteeism, truancy at places of primary assignments and dereliction of duty.
Fifteen corps members of 2019 Batch B Stream ‘1’ who served in Ekiti would have their compulsory one year service repeated, twenty six bagged various extensions, while three were recommended for state award
Ten in Kano State would repeat the compulsory one-year service for absconding from their Places of Primary Assignments.
Meanwhile, in Ogun State, twenty eight errant Corps Members of 2019 Batch B, Stream 1, were sanctioned with  extension and remobilisation of service.
In Kebbi State the Coordinator disclosed that eight Corps members had their service year extended while two would repeat the entire service year contravening various rules and regulations of the Scheme.

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