How To Exempt Yourself From Stressfull Camp Parade

by Sanjo

The national youth service corps (NYSC) orientation camp is filled with various activities. Before swearing in ceremony, all prospective corp members  participate in parade. After that, corp members who are interested in some group leave parade for those activities.
You have the grace to join some group in camp and automatically be exempted from the hot sun parade. The members of this groups will be participating in another activities while the parade training is on.

The Red cross: This can be limited only to those that study a course that relate with health. They tend to health emergency in camp. They are scattered around the camp and in places where activities are going on. They offer first aid before the arrival of medics or ambulance.

Orientation Broadcasting Service: They disseminate information to CM within the camp. They start in the morning with the national and NYSC anthem before giving daily updates throughout the day. They are also the main group responsible for organization of social activities in camp.

Nysc Band: I called them my helper, they recruit members in camp in other to train them on how to play some beats to the National anthem, Nysc anthem, few quick matches, color party (my favorite though).
If you don’t know anything about music, don’t worry they will welcome you with loving arms. You can use that as an avenue to learn new things.
In conclusion, I strongly recommend you join the Nysc band, because they don’t reject corp members and immediately you are in band, you are in another platoon it is called Bandmily. Some platoon officers will be taking attendance, all that does not concern you, all you do is to go to the Band Rehearsal.
NOTE: Some Groups might not accept members until after the swearing in ceremony.
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