NYSC Camp Registration Procedures

by Sanjo
Nysc Orientation Camp

Good afternoon guys, Abex Consult wish you all a safe trip to those corp members on their way to camp. We love you.
Let me quickly update you how the registration is done. It might be slightly different from your own camp.
First outside the gate of the camp, they will search all your lugages carefully, an officer of NDLEA will be present to collect any form of drugs, don’t be surprised if they seize your paracetamol.😁
Immediately you enter the gate, you will register your name and details, they will check your callup letter and some documents so as to be sure you didn’t miss road.
Third step is for you to verify your fingerprints & acquire state code number, for example if you are posted to kano, your state code will be like this, KN/20A/0564,
Automatically the number that end your state code is your platoon Number. For example KN/20A/0564 this person with this state code belong to platoon 4
After that you will go straight to your platoon and do your registration, and open an account with the bank your platoon is using, well you can register outside your platoon bank, for example platoon 4 is using access bank but platoon 6 use Gt bank you can go to platoon 6 to register with the bank but your details and file will be handled by platoon 4. During this registration you can explain yourself to the platoon officer, to give you exemption or further request.
The next is collection of kits, after your registration your platoon will give you your nysc kaki and jungle boot with few clothing kit.
Then you move straight to bed collection, select a good bed please because that will be the bed you will be using till the end of camp.
The last is hostel registration, they will allocate a room to you, just enter and select your bunk…be wise selecting oo, because some bunks are bad.
After that rest and prepare for parade ground.
Abex Consult

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