Quantity of documents to take to camp

by Sanjo

Good afternoon  guys.
How have been our day? I know that some of us are in another NYSC group but rely on Abex Consult for quick and helpful information’s, we thank you for staying connected.
The issue of how many copies is a big one, i fell into this during my time of going for Nysc. I made 10 copies of all my documents, i composed these so that you wont do the same mistakes that i did back then.
First and foremost get one coloured version of these documents below.
❇Medical fitness/medical report
❇Green card
❇callup Letter
❇Statement of result
❇Photo card/ Id card
Then take the above mentioned documents straight to a photocopier shop and do 3 copies of each documents.
And for passport photographs don’t go to camp with less than 8 passport photographs, and the highest is 10
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